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Health & Wellbeing

Why Dance?

Dance has been long recognised for being wonderful for our physical health, but it is now also being recognised as beneficial to our emotional and mental wellbeing. Dance is a full bodied and whole hearted activity which unites us in the human experience.  At Confidance, we ensure our dance spaces are welcoming, respectful and intensely joyful. We create a safe space for our participants to challenge their physicality and develop their creative dancing bodies.


  • Promotes independence


  • Fosters creativity and self expression


  • Develops flexibility, mobility, fitness and posture


  • Increases body awareness; awareness of self and awareness of others


  • Develops social skills and builds positive relationships 


  • Builds confidence and self-esteem 


"I feel good and better in myself, I feel confident and seeing you can do something like that [performing] on your own, achieving something different."



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