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Confidance community classes are for adults with learning disabilities, where we embrace all bodies and all creative offers. The sessions provide a space for personal, physical and creative growth. The classes are joyful and welcoming,  fostering individual creativity and collective connection.

What will a Confidance class be like?
  • We like to use music that makes people feel great!

  • You will have a chance to perform in public spaces.

  • We will learn dance technique, which will work for everybody, and develop our posture, fitness levels and performance skills. 

  • You will get to be creative, offer movements and ideas for our dances, and make choreography with other people in the class. 

  • If someone supports you to come along, then they will have the chance to join in, have fun and develop their skills with you.

Participants have so much autonomy on how they build movement, they are taught the reasoning behind warmups, cool downs, importance of stretching and become so aware of their own bodies.


Helen Francis, Kent County Council

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