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ConfiCo Dancer in 'Private View', with arms outstretched triumphantly

Will you support us?

We are a not-for-profit organisation and we rely on the incredible generosity of our supporters. We are at a crucial moment of growth, expanding our reach and developing capacity to work with more children, young people and adults with learning disabilities in Kent.


Check out the ways in which you can invest in creating high quality, sustainable opportunities dance opportunities for the people we work with, contributing to our vision of an empowered and united society where people are paramount and difference is an asset.

We have an ambitious year ahead, including the following activity:

  • Developing our training offer for ConfiCo artists, including partnering on a national research project with York St. John's University and Mind the Gap. 

  • Delivering a person-centred facilitator training programme for our ConfiCo artists, building towards creating a representative workforce for Confidance.

  • Work with our partner schools, including the development of a work experience pathway at Wyvern School and an integrated performance event across Key Stages with Whitfield Aspen. This past year, we worked with over 500 students both digitally and in person. 

  • Provide access training for arts venues, with a focus on how to welcome a diverse audience and to make systemic changes towards a more integrated society.

  • Develop a CPD training resource to share our 2021 Connect Report findings, which you can read about here.

  • Grow the Confidance team, to allow us to reach more children and young people with disabilities through a wider education programme.


To achieve this vital work, we want to raise significant donations to help us build up our financial resilience and to launch our exciting programme of activities in 2024 and beyond. We aim to raise a transformative sum of £10,000!

We would be thrilled if you would consider donating to us today, either through a one-off donation or a regular investment as one of our monthly supporters - any contribution that you can afford makes a great difference to the future of Confidance. 

To make a donation, please click here:

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If you would like to become a regular supporter of our work but wish to donate directly to our bank account, please contact us directly at

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