ConfiCo Dancer in 'Private View', with arms outstretched triumphantly

Will you support us?

We are at a critical point in the development of Confidance. We are poised to deliver substantial public value over the next twelve months, when our audiences and community need it most, supporting their individual and collective wellbeing.

We have an exciting year ahead, including the following activity:

  • Establish two new online community companies, for adults and young people with and without learning disabilities in East Kent

  • Develop ConfiCo artists through technical training and experience as choreographers

  • Design a facilitator training programme for artists with learning disabilities, to be rolled out with ConfiCo in 2021/22 with the view to creating a representative workforce for Confidance

  • Embed dance progression routes for young people in East Kent

  • Provide access training for arts venues, with a focus on how to welcome a diverse audience and to make systemic changes towards a more integrated society

  • Evaluate the impact of our work in order to secure funding for 2022 and beyond

  • Grow the Confidance team, to allow us to reach more children and young people with disabilities through a wider education programme 


To achieve this vital work, we want to raise a few significant donations to help us build up our financial resilience and to launch our exciting programme of activities in 2021. To deliver this, we have created a new and ambitious fundraising programme.


The target sum that we are looking to raise to make this transformative difference is £10,000.

We would be thrilled if you would consider donating to us today - any contribution that you can afford makes a great difference to the future of Confidance.

To make a donation, please click here:

Or, click here to find out more about our Crowdfunder: ConfiCo dancer Thomas and his mum Margot (Volunteer Fundraiser), walking 1000 MILES for ConfiCo! 

If you would like to become a regular supporter of our work, please contact us directly at