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ConfiCo looking to audience, in a post-show Q&A at Quarterhouse, Folkestone, 2019

 Our People 

The Team

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Jo Frater

Artistic Director & Founder

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Grace Wranosky

Creative Producer

Screenshot 2020-12-15 at 12.52.14.png

Rob Stevens

Artist Welfare Lead

Ruby Gadsby

Assistant Facilitator

Grace Hann

Assistant Facilitator



Brooke (1).jpg

Brooke Hilton





Thomas Eastwell 



Board & Ambassadors


Our Partners

Confidance are proud to have been supported by:

Nina Clark


Executive Director, Musical Walkabout CIC

“Confidance, and their professional company ConfiCo, are bringing powerful inclusive dance into the public consciousness at a time of vital change. The work and artistry of all involved is a passionate celebration of connection and equity. Grab every opportunity to get involved with Confidance, whether as audience, participant or champion; your life will be richer for it.”

Helen Francis

Senior Project Officer, Kent County Council


“Confidance have paved the way for a move away from historical day services by providing a presence in local communities and using facilities that strengthen education and understanding with members of the public. When asked to describe projects and performances the descriptive words are endless but for me emotional is always at the top of the list. I’ve yet to watch Confidance dancers without the overwhelming feelings of awe and amazement. The dedication from everyone involved is to deliver something inspiring, thought provoking and of the highest standard. 

 It reminds me to always adjust my base-line of thinking, to focus on how we support people to excel instead of offering an alternative that’s achievable.”

sian board.jpg

Sian Stevenson

Artistic Director, Moving Memory Dance Theatre Company

“I feel extremely privileged to be on the board of this wonderful organisation. Confidance is a gem of a company, driven by passion and delivered with professionalism - the result is performance that speaks volumes – it provokes, it moves ; is packed  with humour, warmth and humanity – quite simply, a joy!”


Margot Eastwell

As parent to one of our core company members, Margot has supported the company since its formation. Margot now volunteers with ConfiCo, running “Friends of ConfiCo” (a fundraising stream for our charitable work) and supporting us to promote the Confidance mission. Margot is also a photographer, who regularly takes photos of ConfiCo during their training and performances.

Our Partners
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