Grace joined Confidance in 2017 after graduating from University of Kent with a Masters in Physical Acting. Grace’s research into psychophysical practices led to a keen interest in how physical creativity- specifically through dance and drama- can develop confidence, community and a sense of self.


As an experienced facilitator in mainstream theatre and movement, Grace has incorporated Confidance's methododology to make her practice inclusive. From the start of her journey with Confidance, Grace was inspired by the creativity and passion of learning-disabled dancers, and the positive effect that dance has on participants and their audiences.

Alongside her work with Confidance, Grace is Co-Founder and Performer of GOLKK Theatre. GOLKK are a physical theatre ensemble, who create playful and curious worlds which are dynamic and vitally playful. GOLKK performances are often developed by crossing art disciplines, and they champion performance which is grounded in sharing and unity. Grace’s work with Confidance has led to a more inclusive approach to theatre-making and contemporary performance.

Grace Wranosky

Assistant Director

30 Zealand Road,

Canterbury, Kent


Tel : 07816 088 654


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