CONFIDANCE Director Jo Frater has over 15 years experience of working with learning disabled dancers and has had an positive impact on many lives through dance and performance
Jo Frater
Creative Director
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Jo is a trained dancer, qualified teacher and Artist in Residence at Gulbenkian Theatre, Canterbury. She has devoted her career to the development of children and adults with (and without) learning disabilties through dance and performance.


Jo has a lifetime of experience within the field of learning disability, as a sister to Luke, who has Downs Syndrome and communication difficulties. She has grown up witnessing and reflecting on the positive effect that he has had on those around him, and the change to preconceptions that others may have about him.


The transformative nature of dance is central to Jo's ethos, and she uses perfomance as a platform to champion the skills of people with learning disabilties.


Working as an inclusive dance specialist for a range of organisations, including Royal Opera House, Kent County Council, Rose Bruford College and Mencap, Jo continues to grow her practice and broaden the reach of CONFIDANCE in the South East.

For more information about Jo's experience download her CV here.

Four ways CONFIDANCE can work with you


CONFIDANCE designs and delivers inclusive dance projects to raise the profile of organisations and schools and their participants. Jo specialises in multi-disciplinarary collaborations, fostering links between artforms and growing the engagement of the project. Previous projects involved an art exhibition, costume design and creating musical scores. Contact us to see how we can help you promote your work.

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Dance Classes and Courses

CONFIDANCE delivers workshops and performance opportunities for people of all ages and abilities, from Early Years to adults, from mainstream to people wth complex needs.  Workshops are delivered in a range of community settings, schools and theatres. Jo has a person-centred approach to working, always curious for new and exciting ways for her groups to have ownership and pride in their work. Contact us if you would like to book a class or course.

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Education and Training

CONFIDANCE delivers education and training opportunities for dance, inclusion and creativity. Jo regularly works within theatres, educational institutions (both mainstream and SEN), providing resources, guidance, in-house training and CPD for performers, university students, teachers and public sector staff. For further information on how to collaborate with CONFIDANCE, please contact us with your enquiry.

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Panel Speaker

Jo is an experienced speaker and provocateur and has been a panel member for events such as Shaping a Diverse Future (The Point, Eastleigh), Mind The Gap (Gulbenkian, Canterbury) and a Symposium on Inclusivity (Rose Bruford College, Sidcup) addressing topics such as 'Language and Identity' and 'Considering Aesthetics; What is Beautiful?' in relation to inclusion and disability. Do contact us if you would like more information.

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30 Zealand Road,

Canterbury, Kent


Tel : 07816 088 654


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